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Deal Management in Treasury Management Systems

Updated: May 27

An image of a professional office setting showcasing advanced treasury management technology. It features sophisticated computers with screens displaying detailed financial graphs and data, indicative of treasury management systems. The workspace is modern and high-tech, with visual elements related to deal management, foreign exchange transactions, and interest rate swaps. The overall atmosphere of the image conveys a sense of efficiency, precision, and cutting-edge technological integration in the realm of financial operations.
Modern Treasury Management: A Glimpse into the High-Tech World of Advanced Financial Operations and Deal Management

Money Market Loan Management

The TMS offers robust support for handling money market contracts, typically with a duration of under one year and various maturity types. It enables users to assign interest rates in diverse manners to accurately reflect the specifics of each contract. Notably, the system automates the preparation of repayments and interest payments upon their maturity. Additionally, it facilitates the rollover of contracts and the application of new, agreed-upon rates.

For managing large volumes of contracts, the TMS provides both a user-friendly interface and the capability to process changes via external files (e.g., Excel), significantly streamlining operations involving hundreds or thousands of contracts.

Long-Term Loan and Investment Management

The TMS efficiently manages long-term loans and investments exceeding a one-year lifespan. It supports both fixed and floating interest rate structures. The system prearranges interest rate settings, payment schedules, and amortization based on the initial contract terms. These elements are clearly organized in a visible diary within the TMS.

Like money market loans, the TMS automates the preparation of repayments and interest payments. This feature is particularly advantageous for managing a large portfolio of long-term financial instruments.

Inhouse Banking and Intercompany Transactions

The TMS's inhouse banking module facilitates the efficient management of short-term loans and deposits between subsidiary companies and the treasury center. It offers versatile solutions for handling intercompany transactions, including:

  • Non-cash intercompany settlements to resolve invoices without actual cash flow.

  • 'Payment on behalf of' arrangements for centralized cash systems, adjusting inhouse bank account balances accordingly.

  • Sweeping mechanisms to transfer excess cash from subsidiaries to the parent company.

  • Implementation of 'at arms length' interest charges on inhouse bank accounts, reflecting loans or deposits between entities.

Foreign Exchange Transaction Management

The TMS is equipped to handle a wide array of FX transactions, including spots, forwards, swaps, options, and NDFs. It seamlessly integrates with dealing platforms, importing transaction data for efficient processing. The system also automates the preparation of transactions for settling FX amounts as they mature.

Interest Rate Swap Management

The system is adept at managing both standard interest rate swaps and cross-currency interest rate swaps. It allows for the detailed entry of contract terms and automates the preparation of payments and rate resets. This functionality significantly supports treasury operations by ensuring all necessary actions are ready for authorization at the appropriate times.


About the Author:

The author of this blog, Peter Quarré RT, is co-founder and principal consultant at CashMeasury, a boutique firm specializing in Advanced Treasury Technology Consulting based in the Netherlands. With a solid background as a certified Treasurer, Peter brings a wealth of expertise in multiple treasury management systems.

Peter's career is distinguished by a deep understanding of treasury operations, enabling the delivery of tailored solutions that optimize financial processes and system functionalities often underutilized by clients.

At CashMeasury, Peter focuses on implementing robust treasury management systems and enhancing client experience through advanced technical skills in TMS, SQL, PowerBI, Crystal Reports, and AI. Peter's approach is always client-centric, aiming to provide immediate and effective solutions to the complex challenges faced in treasury operations. Through this blog, Peter shares insights and expertise that help organizations navigate the intricate world of treasury management and leverage technology for strategic advantage.


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