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Automated Scheduling in TMS: Maximizing Efficiency

Updated: May 27

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Capturing the Essence of Efficiency: Automation and Time Management in Modern Treasury Systems

Automated Task Scheduling

Treasury Management Systems (TMS) are equipped with a sophisticated 'scheduler' function, designed to automate various tasks at predetermined intervals. This scheduler is highly versatile, offering the ability to execute jobs at various frequencies - ranging from minutes and hours to days, or at specific times daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. The primary advantage of this functionality is its ability to automate tasks that would traditionally require manual intervention, thus significantly enhancing efficiency and time management.

Examples of Automated Scheduler Jobs

Bank Statement Management

The system is configured to automatically download and import bank statements every hour, ensuring that financial data is consistently up-to-date.

Payment Processing

Payment instructions are sent to banks at a regular interval of every 15 minutes, streamlining the payment process.

Market Data Integration

Daily downloads and integration of market data into the TMS maintain current financial market insights.

Automated Report Distribution

The system is programmed to send reports to a predetermined list of email recipients daily, facilitating regular information dissemination.

Financial Journal Automation

Execution of accrual journals is scheduled every quarter, ensuring consistent and timely financial reporting.

Each of these automated functions serves to minimize manual effort, reduce the likelihood of errors, and ensure that critical financial operations are conducted with optimal efficiency and accuracy.


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About the Author:

The author of this blog, Peter Quarré RT, is co-founder and principal consultant at CashMeasury, a boutique firm specializing in Advanced Treasury Technology Consulting based in the Netherlands. With a solid background as a certified Treasurer, Peter brings a wealth of expertise in multiple treasury management systems.

Peter's career is distinguished by a deep understanding of treasury operations, enabling the delivery of tailored solutions that optimize financial processes and system functionalities often underutilized by clients.

At CashMeasury, Peter focuses on implementing robust treasury management systems and enhancing client experience through advanced technical skills in TMS, SQL, PowerBI, Crystal Reports, and AI. Peter's approach is always client-centric, aiming to provide immediate and effective solutions to the complex challenges faced in treasury operations. Through this blog, Peter shares insights and expertise that help organizations navigate the intricate world of treasury management and leverage technology for strategic advantage.


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