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Accounting with Treasury Management Systems

Updated: May 27

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Modern Treasury Management: A Fusion of Technology and Finance in a Sophisticated Corporate Setting

Integration of General Ledger Templates

Treasury Management Systems (TMS) are equipped to facilitate efficient journal entry creation for various treasury transactions. These transactions can range from loan drawdowns, interest payments, to compounding events. TMS provides the capability to design and implement a variety of General Ledger templates, catering to diverse financial scenarios, thereby offering significant flexibility and precision in financial recording.

Streamlined Journal Processing

Journal processing within a TMS is a critical function, usually executed at the end of a business day or at predefined intervals. This process can be automated or manually controlled, depending on the organization's operational preferences. During this phase, the TMS generates journal entries based on pre-configured General Ledger templates, ensuring accuracy and consistency in financial documentation.

Robust Journal Export Functionality

Post-generation, these journal entries can be seamlessly exported from the TMS to the primary accounting software used by the organization. The export feature in TMS is designed for high adaptability, allowing businesses to select the frequency and the extent of journal exportation. This flexibility is crucial for companies that may not require immediate or complete journal integration daily.

The exported journal file is often customized to meet the unique needs of each client. The interface application used for this purpose allows for significant customization, including the addition of supplementary information to streamline the accounting process further. This tailored approach ensures that the accounting integration is as efficient and user-friendly as possible, ultimately enhancing the overall financial management within the organization.


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About the Author:

The author of this blog, Peter Quarré RT, is co-founder and principal consultant at CashMeasury, a boutique firm specializing in Advanced Treasury Technology Consulting based in the Netherlands. With a solid background as a certified Treasurer, Peter brings a wealth of expertise in multiple treasury management systems.

Peter's career is distinguished by a deep understanding of treasury operations, enabling the delivery of tailored solutions that optimize financial processes and system functionalities often underutilized by clients.

At CashMeasury, Peter focuses on implementing robust treasury management systems and enhancing client experience through advanced technical skills in TMS, SQL, PowerBI, Crystal Reports, and AI. Peter's approach is always client-centric, aiming to provide immediate and effective solutions to the complex challenges faced in treasury operations. Through this blog, Peter shares insights and expertise that help organizations navigate the intricate world of treasury management and leverage technology for strategic advantage.



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