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Treasury Technology Consulting

Innovative Cash Sweeping Solution

Client Challenge

Our client, a multinational corporation with numerous operating companies across Europe, faced a complex cash management issue.

These entities held significant cash balances in various foreign currencies, creating inefficiencies and exposure to currency risk.

The Group Treasury sought a streamlined method to centralize these funds at the Treasury center without generating intercompany positions, thereby avoiding the complexities of loan administration.


CashMeasury's Tailored Solution

CashMeasury, under the leadership of a certified Treasury Systems consultant, engineered a custom solution leveraging the advanced capabilities of leading treasury management systems.

Our approach involved developing bespoke functionality that automatically reads the bank account balances of each operating company. The system then initiated sweep transactions to consolidate these funds at the Treasury center. Critically, it calculated the equivalent amount in the operating company's functional currency to be returned, utilizing daily and hedge rates for accuracy.

To ensure transparency and accuracy, CashMeasury also designed comprehensive reports. These reports facilitated the easy validation and confirmation of the swept amounts and the currency equivalents returned to the operating companies, ensuring complete accountability and alignment with corporate financial strategies.

Impactful Benefits

CashMeasury's solution delivered significant operational efficiencies and strategic benefits, including:

Automated Transactions

The sweep transactions were automated, requiring only authorization from the treasury team. This automation represented a substantial time saving, allowing the treasury team to focus on higher-value strategic tasks.

Elimination of Intercompany Positions

By returning equivalent amounts in the operating companies' functional currencies, our solution prevented the creation of intercompany positions. This innovation eliminated the need for complex loan administration, simplifying the Group Treasury's operations.

Enhanced Financial Control

The custom reports generated by our solution provided the treasury team with unparalleled visibility into the transactions, enhancing control over the company's global cash management processes.


CashMeasury's bespoke treasury solution exemplifies our commitment to leverage technology and deep treasury expertise to solve complex challenges.


By understanding the unique needs of our clients and applying innovative treasury technology consulting, we help businesses optimize their operations and achieve strategic financial objectives.

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