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Treasury Technology Consulting

Efficient Payment Solutions

Client situation

A prominent enterprise had been leveraging its ERP system to generate payment files weekly, feeding these into their Treasury Management System (TMS) to execute bank transactions.

The TMS functioned as a pivotal payment factory, facilitating the routing of payment files directly to the bank.

Despite the seamless operation, the development of payment file formats for different countries presented a significant challenge, consuming substantial time and resources from the ERP system developers.

Impression of the payments factory and the bank


Dependency on ERP supplier

The extensive reliance on the ERP supplier for custom developments to accommodate various country-specific payment formats was becoming a bottleneck, impeding the client's agility and operational efficiency.

Speed of Delivery

The process of developing and deploying new payment formats for different regions was slow and cumbersome, affecting the client's ability to promptly meet its payment obligations across various geographies.


  • Minimize dependency on their ERP supplier for custom payment format developments.

  • Significantly enhance the speed and efficiency in delivering diverse payment formats tailored to the specifics of different regions.

Solutions by CashMeasury

CashMeasury, leveraging its expertise in treasury technology consulting, proposed an innovative solution to streamline the payment process.


The firm introduced a standard format file to be generated by the ERP system, encapsulating all necessary information fields required to construct region-specific payment formats.


This strategic approach enabled the customization of payment formats directly within the TMS, fostering greater flexibility and efficiency.


Implementing CashMeasury's solution revolutionized the client's payment operations, delivering the following key benefits:

Establishment of a True Payment Factory

With the enhanced capabilities of the TMS to generate requisite payment formats, the system evolved into a true payment factory, significantly streamlining the payment process.

Reduced Dependency on ERP Supplier

The client achieved independence from their ERP system supplier for developing country-specific payment formats, thereby gaining greater control over their payment operations.

Enhanced Efficiency

The TMS's newfound ability to directly create necessary payment formats via updated payment interfaces expedited the delivery process, ensuring timely and accurate payments across different regions.

CashMeasury's tailored solution not only optimized the client's treasury operations but also positioned them for greater operational flexibility and efficiency, underlining CashMeasury's commitment to delivering cutting-edge treasury technology consulting services.

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