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Treasury Technology Consulting

Enhanced TMS Utilization: A Breakthrough


A year following the migration to a new Treasury Management System (TMS), our client continued to rely on legacy processes, prominently featuring Excel for data analysis and reporting.

Recognizing the potential for optimization, the client sought to evaluate and improve their existing workflows by leveraging additional functionalities of their TMS.



The client faced the challenge of maximizing the utility of their recently adopted TMS. Despite the successful migration, their reliance on Excel for data manipulation indicated a significant underutilization of the system's capabilities.

The objective was to streamline processes, reduce manual intervention, and ultimately, enhance operational efficiency.

Solution by CashMeasury

CashMeasury conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client's existing processes and the extent to which the TMS was being utilized.
Our findings highlighted opportunities to create custom SQL-based reports that integrate multiple data sources within the TMS.
We developed these reports to be accessible directly through the TMS user interface and externally via PowerBI and Excel, facilitated by a specialized plugin.
This approach ensured that critical data was readily available and easily interpretable across the organization.


The implementation of our solution marked a significant milestone in the client's operational efficiency.


By accessing data directly from the TMS, the client has significantly reduced the time and effort required for data processing and visualization.


This transition away from Excel for primary data analysis has not only expedited the generation of reports but has also minimized the risk of human error. The client now benefits from:

  • Faster and more reliable data processing and reporting

  • Reduced dependency on manual data manipulation in Excel

  • Enhanced data accuracy and integrity

  • Improved decision-making capabilities through real-time insights

Through strategic enhancements and the effective use of technology, CashMeasury has empowered our client to realize the full potential of their Treasury Management System, setting a new standard for operational excellence in their treasury operations.

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